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hmm mormons who knew... - Renewal in the Arts

Jan. 11th, 2005

09:30 am - hmm mormons who knew...

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So, I have this friend on my msn list who lives in San Fransiciso, and he was raised mormon. So, we got talking and well nothing too in depeth, but other faiths certaintly intrique me. Apparently, in the mormon faith there are different kingdoms in heaven. There is not notion of Hell, just ie God places you wherever he feels you would fit in the best. Ie, rapists go to the rapist kindgom, gay bois go to gay boi kingdom, str8s to str8 kingdom and so on....I thought that was really interesting.
my friend said that the worst thing is if you don't accept God, then u end up in this no where land. I really don't know much about the Church of Latter Day Saints aka mormons so it was interesting. It's certaintly a more realistic idea of heaven/hell deductions

what do you kids think about that


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Date:January 13th, 2005 06:28 am (UTC)
spiritboi and I actually invited the Mormons from across the road to come and do a presentation for us. I also did some research on my own, including some reading of the Book of Mormon. My conclusions were that not only are Mormon doctrines probably unhealthy and heavily loaded with contradictions and fallacies, but the Mormon churches as a whole have a tendency to be abusive to their followers (ie, they still don't allow women to be ordained, and until very recently would not ordain black men. They still teach that gays and lesbians must be healed, and will go to extreme psychologically and physically abusive means to acheive this). I went in open-minded, wanting to learn more, but I ended up feeling very concerned for our Mormon brothers and sisters.

Mormon doctrines teach of three different kingdoms, each of which contains three levels. The highest, the Celestial Kingdom, is only for Mormons- the highest of which will become gods and goddesses themselves. Which kingdom and level you end up in is dependant on the works you do on Earth- and whether or not your Mormon relatives or descendants chose to baptise and marry you posthumously by taking on your persona in the temple and going through the ritual. I personally find that disturbing. Protestantism (post-Catholic Christianity) has always taught that we aren't saved by our works, but by grace through faith only- it's not deserved, it's a gift.
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