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Renewal in the Arts

Or, "Veni, Creator Spiritus!"

Renewal in the Arts; or, "Veni, Creator Spiritus!"
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Everybody knows, or thinks they know, what Christianity means, and what its impact is (or is supposed to be). But do we really? And even if we have a vital faith, how do we express it in meaningful ways to the world around us? For starters, we need the Creative Touch of God--and what better way to express it than through the "arts"?

This community is open to all, but its specific focus is to allow Christian artists, musicians, liturgists, storytellers, and theologians to explore to explore their ministries to the Church and the world, always with the undergirding prayer: Come, Creator Spirit, and bring your renewal to the Church! Anyone who wishes can comment on the work posted, with the goal of sharpening each other, equipping each other, and encouraging each other toward passionate commitment to Jesus Christ, the Good News.

Me? I'm spiritboi, the moderator of the community, an amateur but passionate theologian, writer, and liturgist. I have a largely Evangelical and Charismatic orientation to the faith, but don't let that stop you! I also believe that the Gospel and salvation of Christ can belong to all people--race, biological sex, gender identity, social class, and sexual orientation notwithstanding. Jesus is so beautiful that I can't help but give him (to the best of my ability, which is lacking, some days! ;) ) the obedience of faith.

I affirm the content of the Nicene Creed, although of course there are many interpretations of what it means.

Try to post your own work that is currently in process or completed that you wish to present for critique, enjoyment, and study. Quotes relevant to the arts, renewal, or the calling to be creative in the Church are also welcome.